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Promoters Of Girl Power & Positive Vibes!​

Zoey Koko was created in 2017 by Sara Ferrer when she was working as an esthetician at a Boston spa and many of her clients had young daughters, granddaughters or nieces who were beginning to dabble in bath and body products.

Mom, in an effort to to encourage self care, creativity and fun for their daughter, was often faced with a dilemma when shopping:   Does she choose the fun product that their daughter adores, despite the fact it's full of synthetic ingredients or does she choose the clean product that lacks visual excitement and pizazz?  I created Zoey Koko so that she no longer has to choose!

Sara Ferrer - Founder

With over 80% of young girls turning to bath and body products to boost self confidence and express themselves, it was necessary to offer a brand that was safe, fun and believed in uplifting girls through their tween years. These years can be difficult for many girls, when their bodies and emotions are changing lightning fast.  Girls can become dramatically less self-assured – a feeling that often follows them into adulthood.  Sara believed self care was a powerful tool in empowering oneself and wanted Zoey Koko to uplift girls through an experience that made them feel good.  After all,  empowered girls become confident women.

To ensure her mission of girl power continues, a portion of every product sale is donated to the Big Sister Association.  As a former volunteer, Sara knew first hand the invaluable guidance, mentorship and support that this organization provides for girls. 

A Zoey Koko mobile spa party birthday service was added in 2019 for tweens where they could experience firsthand the energetic and uplifting ambiance of Zoey Koko.

Join Sara in making girls everywhere feel smiley in their skin.

"I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world"

– Malala Fund –