Promoters Of Girl Power & Positive Vibes!​

Zoey Koko was created in 2017 by Sara Ferrer as a result of realizing that her day to day job as an esthetician was less about performing spa treatments and more about correcting the negative self image that many adult female clients were experiencing.  

Women are constantly bombarded with the media messages that they should fix themselves. It was heartbreaking to see so many seemingly confident women dissect every flaw they had. Even more alarming, many of these women had young daughters and nieces who were beginning to also experience the same self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Sara Ferrer - Founder

The tween years are difficult for many girls, when their bodies and emotions are changing lightning fast.  Sara understood that in these years, girls become dramatically less self-assured – a feeling that often follows them into adulthood.  Sara believed self care was a powerful tool in empowering oneself and that positive, uplifting messaging was critical for young girls. After all,  empowered girls become confident women. The idea of Zoey Koko was born.

Sara would utilize her expertise in product formulations to create a skin friendly line of fun bath & body products for girls with a brand message that promoted girl power and confidence. A mobile spa party birthday service was later added for tweens where they could experience firsthand the energetic and uplifting ambiance of Zoey Koko.

A portion of all sales are given to the Big Sister Association, to ensure the healthy development of girls everywhere.

Join Sara in making making girls everywhere feel smiley in their skin.


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