Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Looking for some fun activities to make the most out of your summer break? Check out these 10 exciting ideas to keep you and your friends entertained! From themed sleepovers to DIY projects and outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Dive into the warmth of the season and create unforgettable memories with these summer activities!

What kid doesn’t love Summer? Long break from school, ice creams, lemonade, sleepovers, BBQs, sun, warmth, holidays, it’s great! However I think we’ve all struggled to fill some of those long Summer days, so here’s a list of 10 things you can do to spend your free time!!

1. Have a Themed Sleepover

Why not do something completely rogue? Have a sleepover that’s themed, but nothi! Halloween themed? Do spooky makeup, eat sweets and chocolate and watch some Tim Burton movies. Christmas themed? Make hot chocolate and dress up in your fave Christmas PJs and watch your favorite Xmas movies. Make some hot chocolate with marshmallows and just vibe with your best friends. Think of your own theme and go totally overboard!

2. Overdress to go Somewhere Casual 

Dress up in your fancier clothes and go somewhere completely random. Round up your friends and go somewhere like the store, or a fast food place in totally OTT clothes! Sure it might be a little embarrassing at first but soon you’ll be giggling away the time with your besties.

3. Have a Picnic

I know I know, it seems basic… but hear me out. What’s appealing about sitting down outside with the ants and flies and all other types of bugs, on the uncomfortable ground?! Forget about it! What if you laid down a nice comfortable picnic blanket and brought out cute little handmade cupcakes, and fresh fruit and cut up sandwiches in an adorable classic picnic blanket in the heat of the warm sun with your friends? How much fun does that sound, right? You could even do a little challenge, like everyone’s in charge of one type of food, or a food in a specific color!  

4. Make a Scrapbook

It’s nearing the end of summer, and you’ve done a bunch of awesome things with your friends. Keep those memories by printing off some of the pictures from throughout the Summer and making a super cute scrapbook! Get some cute washi tape, glitter glue, stickers and whatever else you want, and make a book full of memories! They’ll last a lifetime 🙂

5. Overdramatic Fashion Show 

Fashion shows can be full of crazy outfits.  What’s stopping you from doing that with your friends? Get your craziest clothing pieces, mismatched bits of costumes or even make some clothes and accessories out of something completely random. Grab some judges and see which craziest outfit wins!

6. Back Yard Camping 

Grab a tent and set it up in yours or one of your friends’ backyards. Stock up on snacks, blankets and sleeping bags, and spend all night with your friends outside, doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company without any screens. You could even do some stargazing, and look for some constellations. Get the feel of going on holiday without ever leaving the comfort of home.

7. Go Somewhere Fun 

I know it’s something obvious, but not something that everyone will think of. Gather up your friends and go somewhere like a cinema, a waterpark, or bowling. Even going to a theme park or a chill place, like the beach. Hanging out can sometimes be the most fun thing to do, especially if you’ve been busy all Summer and want a quieter day.

8. Baking 

I absolutely love baking. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, I loved baked goods and I love making them. This can be a solitary activity, making them for you and for others, but personally I much prefer doing it with my best friend, even though we usually create a disaster! It’s certainly more fun when we’re making a mess together. (Just be sure to clean up afterwards and have an adult help when putting things in the oven).

9. DIY Something

Paint or make something! I know it can be hard to think of things, but hey that’s what the internet is for.  Check on YouTube and Google to find some cool DIY ideas. You could make a pencil case out of recycled drink bottles, or paint a tote bag, or make a cool collage. Even something as simple as making friendship bracelets. One of my personal favorite DIY channels is SaraBeautyCorner –  she makes super cool and easy things. Wahoo!

10. Make a Time Capsule

If you don’t know what a time capsule is, it’s something you put precious memories in, like photos, or letters or something from your current obsessions and you lock it – some people even bury them – and open them back up years later. These can be really cool to make and then reflect on down the road.


I hope you guys have been inspired by some things you can do this Summer, and I really hope you guys have a blast. Summer is the best time of the year so what good is it not knowing what to do with it?! I hope you have an awesome Summer and that the start of your next school is great.

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