Making girls everywhere feel smiley in their skin

Promoting self-care is key to developing self-confidence in young girls

  • Welcome to the Colorful World of Zoey Koko!

    Founded by the Sara Ferrer, Zoey Koko embodies a passion for brightening the lives of young girls through skincare that’s as fun as it is nourishing. A seasoned esthetician, Sara recognized a gap in the market: skincare products designed specifically for the unique needs and joys of young girls. From this realization, Zoey Koko was born - an adventurous brand that mixes playful pampering with serious skin science.

    Our Mission: Empowering Girls

    Zoey Koko’s mission is crystal clear: empower young girls with self-care products that make them feel celebrated every single day. We believe in crafting moments of joy through skincare, helping girls feel confident and positive about their self-care routines. Our products are not just about looking good—they’re about feeling good, inside and out, and embracing self-care as a fun and essential part of life.

    Sara’s Story

    Our founder, Sara Ferrer, brings a unique blend of professional expertise and a entrepreneurship to every product. While working as an esthetician, Sara encountered countless skincare products that were either too harsh for young skin or painfully boring. She dreamed of a line of skincare products that would be safe, gentle, and thrilling for girls to use—a dream that came to life as Zoey Koko. Sara’s dual role as a healthcare professional and a creative entrepreneur means that each product is developed with both love and a deep understanding of skin health.

    What Makes Our Products Special?

    At Zoey Koko, we create whimsical yet effective skincare essentials like shimmering whipped soaps, soothing body butters, sparkling bath bombs designed for delicate skin. Our secret? A blend of safe, gentle ingredients and a sprinkle of fun. Think vibrant colors, enchanting fragrances, and textures that make every bath time a party. Our commitment extends beyond just making great products—we ensure they are free from harsh chemicals and are as kind to the planet as they are to your skin.

    Crafted with Care

    Every Zoey Koko product is handmade with love in small batches in the USA to ensure the highest quality. We use environmentally friendly packaging and sustainably sourced ingredients, reflecting our commitment to the planet and our community. It’s skincare that you can feel good about on all levels.

    Thank You for Being Part of Our Journey

    Your support fuels our creativity and commitment. Every message, every feedback, and every purchase does not just support a Made in USA small business—it supports a dream of empowering young girls through joyful self-care. Thank you for being part of our colorful world at Zoey Koko, where every day is an opportunity to smile, shine, and soar.

    Let’s continue this beautiful journey together, making every day a delightful adventure in the world of skincare! copy here.