Zoey Koko is on a Mission to Empower Girls through Giving Back

Zoey Koko is on a Mission to Empower Girls through Giving Back

Discover the heartwarming impact of Zoey Koko's Giving Tuesday initiatives. Through partnerships with Boston-area charities, we spread joy and support to young girls in need. Join us in embracing the spirit of generosity and making a difference in the lives of girls everywhere.

Feeling good by doing good is more than just a catchy phrase.  Did you know that by doing a good deed, your brain actually releases oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, giving you a “helper’s high” that results in those sought-after warm and fuzzy feelings?  Multiply this feeling tenfold and it’s no wonder why so many businesses have tapped into the global generosity movement dubbed, “Giving Tuesday”.  Every year, on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, businesses big and small commit to giving back to deserving charities across the world.  

Here at Zoey Koko, our mission of making girls everywhere feel smiley in their skin led us to partner with two Boston-area charities dedicated to helping young girls.  We received an overwhelming response to our Giving Tuesday campaign from the Zoey Koko community and were able to spread much needed joy.  We donated holiday gift sets, nail polish and bath products to The Department of Children and Families (DCF) Christmas Drive in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. DCF is an organization dedicated to supporting children who have suffered trauma in their family lives or who live in foster homes. 

We also donated a number of fun bath and body products to EmpowerHer, an organization committed to supporting girls who have lost their mothers. These items were dispersed to girls ages 5-12 all across the globe. These gifts offered the girls a “pick-me-up”, reminding them of the beautiful life still at their fingertips and that they are not alone in their grief. With each holiday donation, girls and young women were able to stand a little taller, smile a little brighter, and be reminded that someone was looking out for them. 

Giving to these worthy causes indeed gave our whole team the warm and fuzzies. Is there any better way to spread holiday cheer?

“To be able to put words into action is the greatest form of gratitude. Our mission of inclusivity, coupled with empowerment and worthiness, goes hand-in-hand with our Giving Tuesday program, which is just one aspect of our year-round commitment.

These gifts go to an array of girls of all different ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Each and every one of them represents Zoey Koko in the sense that each girl deserves to feel loved, respected and cherished. For us, it was about getting the right stuff to the right girl.”

Sara, our Founder

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