What is Biodegradable Glitter? – The Sparkly Truth

Our vision for Zoey Koko’s product line has always been crystal clear: we wanted to offer young girls a colorful personal care line of products that would evoke imagination, creativity and self-expression. 

The challenge was not just in offering trendy products, but ensuring that the high quality, safest ingredients were used. Of course, that meant facing the one infamous ingredient that girls just couldn’t get enough of and moms shuttered in fear over: Glitter.  

While glitter can evoke feelings of whimsical fun, the tiny pieces of plastic found in glitter can add up to a real problem. Typically, glitter consists of a layer of plastic, a thin coloured layer and a reflective layer — often made of aluminium. These layers are pressed into a thin sheet, then cut into tiny shapes. The end result: a sparkly product that can take years to degrade. 

Because we here at Zoey Koko are big believers in girl power AND keeping the Earth happy, we knew that a better alternative was out there. 

We strive to use plastic-free or plant-based glitter in our products whenever we can, which means that the glitter will break down organically and Mother Earth will do a tiny happy dance knowing that she is safe(yay!). We breathe a little easier knowing that our Stars in a Jar Glitter Gel and Bio-Glitter Mists are creating happy memories for thousands of tweens while also containing a better alternative for the environment.

While glitter may only account for a small amount of the microplastics in the ocean, we think it’s a good step forward to be on the cutting edge of safer, better ingredients. While there is still a lot of innovation that can be done in the realm of glitter, we are committed to tackling this issue one sparkle at a time.

Shine on!

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