Summer Fun

What kid doesn’t love Summer? Long break from school, ice creams, lemonade, sleepovers, BBQs, sun, warmth, holidays, it’s great! However I think we’ve all struggled to fill some of those long Summer days, so here’s a list of 10 things you can do to spend your free time!! 1. Have a Themed Sleepover Why not […]

Body Lotion Peer Review

Who doesn’t love a good smelling body lotion? I mean, not only does it leave you with soft skin, but it also smells amazing! One of my personal favorite Zoey Koko products is the Stargazer Body Lotion.  This lotion makes your skin feel soft and smooth but also makes it smell incredible. It smells super […]

5 Activities to Make Galentine’s Day Epic with Your Bestie

I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t know an awful lot about Valentine’s Day. The love, the couples and the blah blah blah, it’s all foreign to me. However, I do know one thing that should be celebrated, and it’s a gals best friend, and no, I’m not talking about diamonds. I literally mean […]

Meet Sara Ferrer | CEO/Founder, Zoey Koko

Shout Out Arizona

The Zoey Koko journey began when I left my corporate analyst career to pursue my passion for skincare and my dream of working in a spa. I was an esthetician for over 10 years at a Boston spa where I witnessed the power of self care and the role it played in boosting confidence, empowering oneself and making women feel good.

Zoey Koko is Spreading Joy this Giving Tuesday

Sara preparing for Giving Tuesday

Over here at Zoey Koko, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. Not only have we managed to get into 160 retail locations in the last 11 months, but our CEO, Sara, pitched Zoey Koko live on USA Network’s new show, America’s Big Deal, on Dec 9.  Talk about a whirlwind of […]

Some Ideas to Make the Season Brighter for Him, Her, and the Kids

Tweens will love Zoey Koko bath and body products ( that include whipped soaps ($13 to $18), unicorn body butter ($15) and bath bombs ($7 and up). Sold in several Chicago stores and on Amazon, other options pre-teen and teens will love include sparkling nail polish ($8) and a Mermaid Dreams gift set ($50).

10 things to do at a Spooky Halloween Sleepover

Heyy! I’m Alyssa, I’m 13, and I love love LOVE the spooky season. As much as I love Halloween, I sometimes struggle with ways to celebrate, especially when I want to do more than just dressing up and trick-or-treating. If you’re stuck for ideas I’ve come up with a list of fun things for you […]

Our Picks for Best Biodegradable Glitter

No bonder required for the ZoeyKoko Bio Glitter Gel, as this glitter is pre-mixed with an aloe vera base for smooth application. This too is formulated with, you guessed it, Bioglitter in all it’s plant based glory.

This product is a great dupe for the popular Unicorn Snot glitter gel, and better thanks to its eco-friendly formula. “Stars in a Jar” is the silver glitter you’ve been looking for to complete your looks.

The Making of Tween Magic

New experiences have a funny way of being both exhilarating and terrifying. When I was faced with the challenge of creating a commercial for Zoey Koko, I knew that getting the best videographer, finding the right location and creating an attention grabbing concept was pivotal. I also knew that none of this would matter if the last component wasn’t perfection: the tween talent.

Uplifting Girls During a Tough Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a joyous time for many to show their love and admiration for their mom’s. For others, it can be a painful trigger, including those who have lost their mothers, are struggling with motherhood or have experienced mother-related trauma. This Mother’s Day, we have partnered with EmpowerHer, a wonderful non profit organization dedicated to supporting girls who have lost their mothers.